Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

My computer continues to act up.  By taking forever to show what I have typed, it is driving me a little batty. Unfortunately, the budget now is not allowing me to make computer changes.  I may have to bring it to the hospital though.

My weened was good. It started out with the flurry of cleaning on Saturday. Me, Mrs. Meyers and Method got down and dirty. I also got a lot of knitting done on the February Knitting Sweater.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

My computer seems to be typing normal now.  Maybe it is possessed.

Sunday consisted of breakfast with Melinda and knitting. Sunday night, I hung out with R, which turned into Monday and part of Tuesday.  I asked the "Do you see a future with me?" question on Sunday and he answered yes.  It is a good first step. I had to have some liquid courage to ask but I was happy with the answer.

Since I have not seen R a lot over the last two months, it felt good to spend a lot of time with him.

Today, I made my first batch of Leek Potato Soup.  The recipe is easy.  Cut up leeks, saute them in some oil to sweat them, add potatoes and broth. Cook until potatoes are tender. I also add some chicken thighs to the soup.  It was a good dinner.

My eating, while I was with R, was sporadic at best.  On Monday, I did not eat, besides two small cookies, until dinner. It was not healthy to eat like that.  When I had dinner, I was starved. If R did not want to sleep until 3 pm, it might have been different.  I was lazy with him.

Back to work tomorrow. Weekends are far too short.

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