Monday, September 21, 2009

I have a case of the Mondays.

Mondays suck. Whatever will go wrong at work always seems to have on a Monday or after 3 pm on a Friday. Today was just wracked with computer problems. I was overwhelmed and tired, almost to the point of tears. On days like today, the shadow comes out. Not as bad as in the past but there is a little nagging voice in my head that I try to ignore. When I get stressed, I notice it the most. Hopefully, the next 4 days won't be quite as busy. When I got home, Boots was looking at me with great anticipation. Of what? I don't know. The scarf in the charity knit along I started and sent along has returned to me. It is a big scarf. Might even be a shawl of some kind. I went to WW on Saturday and gained a pound. It did not affect me as it used to. I used to cry at the thought of a gain. My mood would be affected for days. Now, not so much. I shrugged it off. Yes, the number on the scale should go down but it will not control me. Better luck this Saturday.

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