Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall is here

The weather in Boston has been chilly this week. A taste of fall is in the air. As a matter of fact, currently, I am drinking a Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale - Fall Seasonal. I wore my coat today and jeans with a sweatshirt have been my staple this week.
We had such a crappy summer here in Boston. It is far too early for fall. I am not ready to give up summer.
Tomorrow, I will be off to WW. Last night, I had pepperoni pizza and a buffalo chicken tender for dinner. Let's hope that my WI is not bad. Then, I have a second date with Mrs. Meyers and Method.
Actually, my weekend will probably be quiet. I took out meat to make meatloaf tomorrow night. That excites me!
Since when does meatloaf excite me? Meatloaf is now the center of my weekend.
I also just noticed that it is has been over a year since I started the blog. Wow! Time flies! My attitude has changed. Totally! More on this tomorrow.


  1. i saw that pumpkin ale the other day at the grocery but was uncertain of picking it up. any good?

  2. I think it is good. Not as good as some but for a home pumpkin spice beer, it passes my test.

  3. I would love to try that ale.

    Happy blog birthday and congrats!


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