Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T Minus 2

Two more days to vacation! I am not going away but what else is new except to Northampton to go to Webs. This staycation thing that people talk about is nothing new. Does everyone go away for all of their vacation time? We never went anywhere as kids. Really. We can't be

City Hall Farmer's MarketImage by riacale via Flickr

the only ones. So, today, was Farmer's Market Day. I got to go for a walk on my lunch break. It was great to get out of the office today. I got mescalin mix, tomatoes, red onion to add to the blueberries, peppers and zucchinis I bought on Monday. Tonight was a salad of the mix, tomato, onion, chicken, cheese and Light Done Right Thousand Island dressing. Not bad for the muggy Boston evening. I missed a thunderstorm in the dungeon today. There could be massive damage and I wouldn't know because we are a windowless dungeon of an office. I have missed all of the good ones this year. I have been feeling great and a tad bit snarky over the last few days. I have not felt down and even took my .2 gain at WW as nothing. Now that is progress. A few years ago, I might have left crying. It was amazing how much of my self worth was based on what the scale said. I have really change my thinking. Here's to a loss next week. After the last two tailgating, reception filled weekends, I am proud of myself.

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