Monday, August 31, 2009

Sort of an epiphany, really.

I was sitting alone at work today and my mind began to wander. I thought about how I let myself go, I was half-assing this healthy thing. Well, those days are done. I am well on the way to the before images here Old Before and After Photos and farther away than the after images. So, as of today, this blog will not only become a blog to deal with depression and random musings. I will talk more and more about the weight loss struggles. Here are 2 pictures of me today: This one illustrates things a little worse. While I try to keep the bad comments about myself to a minimum, it is out there. I have written it down. I know Weight Watchers like the back of my hand, I just got to do it. I am going to go to a Saturday morning meeting. I lost 115 lbs before. I can do it. I even wrote two weekly goals to myself. Notice the I am Tasty magnet. I love it! In other news, right after I finished last nights post, I got a call from R. We decided to go out for a drink and well, instead of me going to see him in Woonsocket, he came to me. He is a sweet guy, when I see him. He also said that all of a sudden yesterday there were 10 messages on his Crackberry. Roughly 6 were probably from me (on different days of course). I told him now he knows why I was having a bit of a you are ignoring me thought. Men!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sundays are...

my least favorite day of the week. The work of Monday looms over the whole day. Next weekend is a 4 day weekend! I can not wait. The day started with breakfast with Melinda at Newcomb Farms in Wollaston. The lure of blueberry pancakes struck me again. After breakfast, I had hoped to go down to Woonsocket today to spend the day with R, but that did not pan out. I really have to talk to him. I am going to try to see if he will meet me for dinner tomorrow night at Fireflies BBQ on Adams Street. I have been doing a lot of knitting on the February Lady Sweater. I only have a few more inches on the body to go. I also started knitting a Christmas gift for R's 7 year old daughter. It will be a pink purse. I will also knit her some kind of pink mohair scarf. My mood has been ok this weekend. I have spent most of it alone and my mind tends to wander when it is is alone. It has been ok though. This afternoon, I was very disappointed I could not go down to Woonsocket to see R. As I type this out, I can feel my mood tank so that is all I will say on the matter. For dinner, I made a chickpea, green bean and pepper stir fry with Trader Joe's curry sauce. I made enough for a few lunches and it is a good vegetarian meal for me that uses some stuff I had in the pantry. The end result was very good!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

Contrary to public opinion, I beat Obama to the punch on MV. I spent Saturday night there with some friends and it was good to get away. It was my first hostel experience. One night was enough with that experience. My favorite time was wandering around the gingerbread houses on the island. Wouldn't it be cute to live in one of these? Then there were the views... My checking account is not thanking me but I will live with that as I am having a quiet weekend. I can't wait! Hopefully, R won't have to work one night so I will see him. I just want to clean and relax. Weebles and MV didn't go together so there are 2 posts today.

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

I was having a conversation about favorite toys we had as kids the other day and it brought back a flood of memories. By far, my favorite toys were Fisher Price Little People. I had whole villages including The Castle, Sesame Street, the School House. It occupied a lot of hours at the time.

little people 6Image by pinprick via Flickr

Then there were the Weebles! They may not fall down but they can't swim. I thought I would let them swim. Unfortunately, it was in the toilet and well, some archaeologist will find these Weebles in my parent's backyard and think of some fanciful use for them. Those are good memories of childhood that you can not take away from me. It is about time the good memories come through.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quite a busy week

My computer is acting very very very slow tonight. I had hoped to post my Martha's Vineyard photos and adventures but it is taking me 5 minutes to see what I have typed and it is making me slightly annoyed. In ending, because I am ready to go Office Space on my computer, here is a picture of Mom in better days when she still lived in the house in Holbrook before the disease really took over her appearance and mind. She was still sick then but happy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation Week

I found out my Dad is now on Facebook when he sent me a friend request. I guess the time has come for 61 year olds on FB. I have never told him where my blog is, though he knows I have one. There is a link to the blog on my FB pages. I think the days are numbered until he finds this. I now will have to pay attention to what I post on Facebook and not complain about him. I have had a busy week. My trip to Webs on Tuesday went well. Northampton is a cute city. It looks so unassuming from the outside. Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed on the inside. This was just the front. There was a warehouse in the back with all sorts of specials. I walked out three hours later with $150 worth of yarn. I have lots of knitting to do before Christmas! Yesterday, I ventured down to Foxboro to the new Patriots Place, after being disappointed that my beloved Patriots do not have public practices this week. I tried a Five Guys Burger, which was very good. Though, a Little Burger is hardly little. I also found the nature trail behind the stadium. I was pleasantly surprised to find it behind the Bass Pro Shop there. There was a little cheese on the walk, of course. You don't find many of these in Foxboro. And beauty. One more day of vacation left. Time flies when you are off.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day in the Park

I don't think I'd want to dream of this guy coming out of the ground. Saturday, I spent the day at the Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park with friends. It was a gorgeous day. Since, the Trojan Pig was gone, it was not quite the same as when I was last there. He was destroyed in a wind storm by a tree. But still, it was a great time. The tigers are my new favorite. Isn't he a majestic guy? I can see Boots in them. Tomorrow, I am going to Northampton to the holy grail of yarn stores, Webs. My camera will be with me. I hope to do a little exploring also.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T Minus 2

Two more days to vacation! I am not going away but what else is new except to Northampton to go to Webs. This staycation thing that people talk about is nothing new. Does everyone go away for all of their vacation time? We never went anywhere as kids. Really. We can't be

City Hall Farmer's MarketImage by riacale via Flickr

the only ones. So, today, was Farmer's Market Day. I got to go for a walk on my lunch break. It was great to get out of the office today. I got mescalin mix, tomatoes, red onion to add to the blueberries, peppers and zucchinis I bought on Monday. Tonight was a salad of the mix, tomato, onion, chicken, cheese and Light Done Right Thousand Island dressing. Not bad for the muggy Boston evening. I missed a thunderstorm in the dungeon today. There could be massive damage and I wouldn't know because we are a windowless dungeon of an office. I have missed all of the good ones this year. I have been feeling great and a tad bit snarky over the last few days. I have not felt down and even took my .2 gain at WW as nothing. Now that is progress. A few years ago, I might have left crying. It was amazing how much of my self worth was based on what the scale said. I have really change my thinking. Here's to a loss next week. After the last two tailgating, reception filled weekends, I am proud of myself.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mystery Solved

So, thanks to Jodi, I solved the "Nothings Going to Change My Love For You" mystery. It was sung by Glenn Madeiros. Since I did not remember him at all, it seems he was a one hit wonder and is now a high school teacher in Hawaii. Cool!

“Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You” coverImage via Wikipedia

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