Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fresh Start

So, my first WI at WW was 5 lbs less than at the doctor's office last week. That is a good plus! My first meeting back went well, I like the leader on Tuesday nights at the Winter Street meeting location. It will keep me coming back for more meetings. I did okay eating today even though I did not count points. Since I signed up for the monthly pass, I will start journaling online. I wish there was a Blogger/WW interface to come up with charts etc. I will have to do some research. I need to remember that I can not take care of the ones I love if I do not take care of myself. So, I am in the right mentality today. My mood was better though I was not feeling well at all. I thought birth control was supposed to help get your period normal. Mine has been so painful! Hopefully not as heavy. On the Red Line tonight, I saw a man and his talking dog. Yes, talking dog. The man asked the dog a question and the dog barked back. I wanted to bark back at the dog. There was a barking dog across the street on my walk home from the train and it was barking at me. Since it was in the arms of its owner, I silently barked back. I feel incredibly guilty about not visiting Mom last weekend. I was feeling depressed and I just could not take it mentally. Mom has been getting worse lately. She had an accident last week when I visited. Her attention span is gone and I had to wave my arm in front of her to get her away from her cards. I can not miss this weekend.

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