Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging helps depression!

Yes, it really does. I read an article on Health Magazine's website then I thought about a bit and said it has helped me tremendously. I started this blog to get my crazy thoughts out there. I did not care about people reading it. I only wanted to get it out of my head. Knitting also helps me with my depression, though it does cause frustration at times. I came across this article from MSNBC with my knitting blogging depression googling I was doing. My shadow still follows me around constantly and it is a battle that may never go away. I am prepared to fight it and dodge it. My blogging has taken a back seat lately to some of my problems like my father's health and Mom in the nursing home but I have also felt that the shadow was hanging over me. I must think that I won't be able to help anyone if I don't take care of myself, physically and mentally.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finished projects and general blahness

Well, I finally got around to finishing the lace shawl I was knitting and cutting up those carpet tiles. Here is the shawl: Not as long as I would like but it came out good and my adventures in blocking at least worked a little. I didn't seem to have enough yarn to make it really long and trying to find the dye lot was too much of a pain for me. Also, here is the carpet:
Boots gave it his approval: I went out to the front porch and took the utility knife, without cutting my hands off (for those "You'll cut your hands off!" naysayers). My cutting abilities weren't the greatest but it came out good and for a total of $15, I can not beat it. It was originally from ReadyMade Magazine. Sunday I felt blah. I had a bad self esteem day and to distract myself, I decided it was a good day to cut up ceiling tiles. Mine is different then the magazine's but really, my cutting abilities were not looking good for lots of small triangles. I did spend some time with R, which of course, made me happy. There was just a general gloominess about me Sunday afternoon. Work has been crazy and some of the employee decisions made have been terrible. It did not affect me but still, when they screw long time employees, it does not bring warm fuzzy feelings to me. I had my picture taken with the Boston Bruin's bear mascot at Earthfest and I was not liking what I saw. How did I let myself get out of control weight wise? I did ride my bike tonight for the first time this season, which felt great.