Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love my sister, T. I always wanted to be closer then we were but it didn't work out that way. I am broken up on how my sister has treated my father and my mother. Medicaid (MA Health) needed some information on a loan that her and my father were paying on. Since it was in T's name, T needed to give the information to the nursing home. T refused to. Now, Medicaid will reject Mom and we will need to go to a hearing once we get rejected. This is just the topping on the cake. The sale of my parent's house went horrible. The lesson learned: do not sell real estate to relatives. Relations back then were rocky but I still saw her now and then. I am not sure I can forgive T for this. I know Dad has said he has lost a daughter and that T has lost a Dad. T may have lost more then just a father. I think she was always embarrassed by us. I am not sure why. Mom and Dad, while not perfect, did not beat or abuse us. Hell, if I can forgive them for not getting me help for my depression back then, she should be able to after all Dad has done for her. (And I know too much on some of the stuff he has helped her out of.) I will miss my nephews. They are gorgeous boys. I loved playing ping pong and air hockey with them. I will miss seeing them grow up. I will miss having my sister in my life. As for something to be happy about today....this is a tough one. I will say my Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry drink next me as I type, just for bringing some zing in my day.

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