Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little Update

So, being addicted to Google reader has shown me nice, picture filled blogs. I am going to start to carry my camera around to bring pictures to my blog. My Easter went well. We took Mom out of the nursing home for Easter dinner and she was, by far, the happiest I have seen in a long time. We will probably begin taking her out once a month or so. Besides that, I felt a little weird when I got home. I felt like I was not supposed to be sad on a day like Easter and with Mom happy, but I was. I did some knitting and laundry to take my mind off of things but it was there, lurking in the shadows, as usual. Having a killer headache did not help things. So today, to be a little positive, I am going to post something that made me happy today. My purring cat (yes, the conniving beast) made me happy this morning, as he does most days. I love how he waits at the door for me every day and meows happily when he sees me.

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