Friday, April 10, 2009

Hockey! Irish Music!

Well, it is almost the weekend and I am struggling a bit this morning. I went with R to see Gaelic Storm last night at Showcase Live! in Foxboro. Prior to that we ate dinner at the over-priced, over-stimulated CBS Scene. The food was pretty good even if it was a bit over-priced. The service, however, was slow. It took the waitress 15 minutes to come over after we were seated. There was a tv in our booth where we could watch the madness that was the Bruins and Canadiens. What a fun slug fest that was! The boys were definitely a little feisty last night. We didn't want to stop watching the game but the show was calling so we went over there to see them. Gaelic Storm was great. R kept checking his crackberry to see what the score was. I was dancing around to the great Celtic music. We got there late so we were standing in the back but the acoustics in the small venue were great and we could still see. At the end of the show we drove back to Woonsocket to R's house and I was exhausted. I decided to stay there so at 5 am, I crawled out of bed and back home to a meowing Boots. Here I am at 8 am, already with 3 cups of coffee. It should be a good weekend!

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