Monday, April 6, 2009

April showers do not bring pilgrims

At least here in Quincy they don't. It was definitely a galoshes day in Boston. Hopefully, May flowers will come. I went out for a drink at The Fours with the tall blond on Saturday. For the first time ever, someone I was with was shut off. The bartender said that he could not serve her. Now, she tends to get a little belligerent if you suggest she is drunk so I was a bit worried about telling her. She took it ok and went home. R had gotten out of work by then and had joined us. We should have gone to the Fowler House, so we could have walked home. I did a lot of knitting this weekend. My shawl will be ready soon, I think. Me and R put together a book shelf just for my knitting/sewing/crafting books.

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