Thursday, March 26, 2009

Planning a craft weekend

Well, a while ago, I bought random carpet tiles from Building 19, duct tape and an utility knife. This weekend I am going to use them to create a new rug. I am excited. I saw it originally in Ready Made magazine and I was inspired. First, I have to go to Home Depot to buy some wood to put under the tiles as I cut them. R is worried that I will chop my hand off in the process. Maybe he will help me Saturday afternoon if he is not busy. Other than that, I continue to knit. I have also been really into apartment design lately. My Google Reader list is growing with various design blogs daily. Plotting what I want to do, spending long hours on looking for decorations, I am not sure what has gotten over me. This weekend I hope to do a little more spring cleaning, which I started last weekend. Hopefully, I will be successful. Perhaps I am nesting although I am single.

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