Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maybe it is that spring is coming

I find that I have not felt overly depressed lately. Yes, I have my I don't want to get out of bed moments but generally, I am dealing very well. It is probably the medicine but maybe it is the fact I am on vacation next week! I am staying home but I hope to make a trip to Webs, for yarn and maybe go to the American Heritage Museum, I don't think that is the name. My quest is to find a table for my sewing machine table. I bought my sewing machine and now I need a place for it. I have decided to place it in my bedroom in a corner. I have visions of the bags, skirts, pillows and things I could create. I am still knitting up a storm. I am working on a Hestia Shawl which will look pretty on me. I am using Blue Sky alpaca yarn which feels so good. Only to get through today and tomorrow.

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