Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to work I go.

I was on vacation last week. I did not go anywhere but I did have the week off. It was great but still filled with family turmoil. That never seems to end. I managed to get by though with knitting, shopping for home decorating stuff and unfortunately, eating and drinking. I did a lot of knitting for me. I am still working on the Hestia wrap. Dad asked me to take him to an appointment so I brought the knitting with me. The ladies at the check in desk were quite impressed. Then this weekend, I knitted up a little storm. It relaxed me totally. I went to Target on Friday and I came out $163 later with new curtains, vinyl wall decals, towels, shower curtain, various cleaning supplies, curtain rods, and a few other nick knacks. I can not go into Target lately without coming out with stuff. I wanted an Orla Kelly table cloth to make into pillows though. They did not have one at the store I went to. I did not find a desk but I think I know what I will do. I want to start to use my machine. Boots did not know what to do with me for the week. I think he was a bit confused actually. What was she doing here? He pretty much ignored me all weekend. A typical snotty kitty I guess. He has been meowing up a storm too. When I meow back, he gives me a perplexed look then meows back at me. A whole kitty conversation.

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