Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Winter Beating

I am so tired of cold and snow. I woke up this morning to the anticipated snow and it took every bit of energy for me to get out of bed. This winter has been very snowy and cold. Really, I want to hibernate as I have mentioned in the past. Getting out has been challenging to saw the least. So, I have started to knit a shawl with baby alpaca yarn. It is so soft. I can't wait until I am done. I have only done about 3 rows so I have a lot more to knit but as usual I have the excitement of a new knitting project. I also went sewing machine shopping but neither store I went to had the machine I wanted. I will have to look again this weekend. I am also shopping for a car this weekend. R and I will be hitting the dealerships this weekend. I am taking him along because I hate buying cars. I hate the way salesmen make me feel. I will be self confident with him there. I am looking at a Ford. In my limited research, the Ford Focus was rated on better then the competing cars. I have driven my other cars for around almost 10 years a piece. I will know better once I actually sit behind the wheel and test drive the car.

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