Thursday, January 8, 2009

A rough week

Well, I haven't written much lately because things have been so hectic. Mom went into a nursing home on Wednesday and seems to be settling in well. I was very worried for a moment that she would fight all the way but she only really had one nasty day and when she got there, she was happy and introduced herself to everyone. It was a really big weight off of my shoulders. I have been feeling better. Over the weekend, I was definitely having trouble with Mom's situation. I cried for the Mom I wish I had and cried for the Mom I have. I put out my stiff upper lip and kept control of myself when I was with her. She is so young and she did nothing to deserve her fate. I am taking better care of myself and my background voice has been absent. I am eating better after putting the holidays behind me. It is important that I do not forget about myself during the tough times. I may go shopping for a sewing machine this weekend. I am so excited!!!!!

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