Thursday, January 15, 2009

Live from the ice tundra

It is beyond freezing here in the Boston area. I do not tolerate the cold at all. I currently have 3 layers on and a blanket wrapped around me. It doesn't help that it is so expensive to heat my old 1 bedroom apartment. I definitely feel a difference in mood in the winter. I really want to hibernate. The loner side of me says "I've got enough fat to survive the winter and come out looking pretty good in the spring" or "If bears can do it, so can I!" Really, it is so hard to get up out of the flannel sheets in the morning. I wake up later and later for work each morning. I think I need a new moving alarm clock. The radio just is not cutting it any longer. I could lay there in peace all day listening to NPR with Boots purring next to me. Though lately Boots has been a big pain in the morning. He likes to push my alarm clock over. Do all cats like to push things off of counters? I felt like Randy in the Christmas story this morning. I could not put my arms down! I guess it is a sign that I need to lose some weight so I can fit even more layers under the coat. I have been content in my mood lately. I spent a lot of cozy time with R this weekend, Mom is settling in the home well and I have lots of blankets to snuggle with. The shadow is at bay. After the last two weeks, I am happy it is.

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