Monday, December 22, 2008

Twas a few days before Christmas....

and there is panic in my house! My car is dead and I have only a few gifts done. I may just go to a drug store and purchase some gift certificates to other stores that they sell. At this point, I would prefer not to go near a mall. For R, though, I must buy something. My mind is blank though. I am thinking a bartender's set. I don't know. My eating is out of control. Being cooped up in the house because of the continuous snow this weekend, was not good for me. All I did was eat, even while I was knitting, which is unusual. Maybe I was feeling a bit lonely and the food was there. I am just going to take one day at a time. I got more chocolate today from a vendor. I wish they would give me coffee. Coffee is such a nice gift. I don't need chocolate Santas or wine. I have about 20 bottles of wine now. I guess I should drink it. We found out the nursing home that we thought Mom would do good at has been bought by a big conglomerate and none of the women she worked with are still employed there. So, we have to find another nursing home for Mom. I think there is some disagreement in the family also. I want a drama free Christmas. I am cooking for Mom and Dad and the siblings. I just feel so blah about this Christmas. I wish it would just go away. I am looking forward to two short work weeks though.

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