Monday, December 29, 2008

End of the Year

I looked back on the past year this weekend. What I liked about it and what I could improve on. I liked that I have been tackling my depression head on, sometimes winning, sometimes losing but trying none the less. What I hate is how out of control things are. My eating, cleaning, financial worries, dealing with Mom and Dad... I went back to WW today because eating is one thing I can control. I have shocked at the number on the scale but I am finally ready to recommit so I am back full force. I went to visit R's friend who had a premature baby over the weekend. Seeing her in the NICU was precious. She was like a little truffle in a pink and brown onsie. She was born at 2.1 pounds but in 4 weeks has doubled her size to 4.6 pounds. She will be home in a few weeks. She is a little fighter and I am too. I will get through this momentary set back. One good thing though is that I can now shop for a sewing machine. I was given an American Express gift card for Christmas and I am very excited. The things I could make... I knitted a sweater vest for my sister as a Christmas present but it only gave me crocheted edging as the button hole. I am trying to figure out how to do this. Goggle has only had limited help so far. I want to finish this sweater, from 101 Designer 1 Skein Wonders, and I will find out how to do it.

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  1. I came here from the WW board. Good luck on your re-commitment! Just never stop trying and you will be fine. You have beautiful red hair. It reminds me of my niece.

    I read a few of your blog entries and like you, I am trying to get my weight and my financial situation under control. Good luck to us both. =)


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