Thursday, November 6, 2008

It is almost the weekend!

It is self review time here at work. We have to comment on goals, our job, work environment, competencies and everything else. Mine made me very retrospective. The ever present thinker is out. I don't know. The I am never good enough demon has popped into my head again. Yet, I know that I do a good job given the circumstances. I hate self reviews. I have also felt like I don't fit in. Yes, it is my own silliness. All this political talk this week has reinforced it. Though one of the guys at work said, "You just question authority, which is good." when I told him I voted for Nader for president. "You just swim the other way, against the current." I guess I do. I am proud of it. My mother's family is being a pain, causing my Mom great pain. I just wish they would treat her well.

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