Saturday, October 11, 2008

A week in Yarmouth

Having just returned from Yarmouth, I am happy to be home and shocked at how fast the week went by. I, unfortunately, forgot my medicine at home so I was without it for the week. By the end of the week, I was blah. I need the medicine. It felt good to take it this morning. Rich even said I looked sad last night. I guess I was sad. When he asked why, I did not know. I could not give him an answer. I spent the week with Rich. He joined me in the cute cozy cottage we rented on Tuesday. I went down on Sunday and found knitting and fabric stores on Monday. The weather was great. It was sunny and not too cool. We were about a block away from the water and I enjoyed walking on the beach when I went on Tuesday and Wednesday. I found Ladybug Knitting in Dennis on Monday and I bought some black and gray Jaeger Matchmaker yarn and some bluish Aran wool. Since the economy is going to the dogs, I think I spend a lot of time knitting this winter. My plastic storage container is getting full of yarn. Things will be back to normal. I also got a letter from my doctor saying my SGOT liver test was higher than normal but it would not explain my symptoms and I should still talk to my therapist. Grrr.....I will show the letter I got on my next appointment.

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