Monday, October 20, 2008

The mind is a strange thing. Lately, I have not been thinking too much of the past. Yet, I am not thinking of the future. I don't want to jinx the future in a way. If I think of a future with Rich, then I will jinx myself. I am beginning to think I do not allow myself to be happy and because of that I will never find happiness. I have always been the glass is almost empty type of gal. It was a defense mechanism and since I have been often hurt, I would try to prepare myself for the hurt that was sure to come. I am trying to be optimistic about things even with the pessimistic news in the media. It is hard. I want to be happy about my new relationship and happy about the possibilities of my life. Getting my mind to change is a battle though.

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  1. Woody/Melissa10/22/2008 12:20 PM

    Hang in there, you're doing great!

    Here's something you can repeat to yourself to help change your thought patterns:

    "I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer."

    - Melissa


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