Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Better Today

So, today was a better day. Things are back to normal for me. I went food shopping then dropped a can of pumpkin on my foot. Boots was attacking me tonight. Lately, I have had cats following me. Literally, on the walk to the T, a furry black and white cat was meowing at me. The feral cat who attacked the house this summer has become somewhat friendlier. Another cat follows me down the street. I am a dog person at heart. I must smell like cat nip. Other than my cat shadows, life is better this week. I will go to knitting tomorrow. I got a few new knitting books - Alterknits, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Big Girl Knits 2. Now I just have to pic something new to knit since I am almost done with the sweater. I will see what I have in my ever growing yarn stash.

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