Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I went to see the band, James, last night. They were awesome. Their opening act, Uncle Bob (I think) was good too. They remind me of another band, whose name I will think of. I went with Melinda and we had a good time. No fighting, etc.... We took the T to the concert at the Paradise because I am a public transit gal if it is available. The ride to the concert was fairly quiet. Going home, however, was not quiet. The trolley we were on got into an accident on Commonwealth Ave (B Line). The car was making a left hand turn in front of the train and did not get off of the tracks and we heard the horn and then felt a large bang. I hit my head on on the metal poles but other then that I am fine. The people in the car, probably, are not fine and the trolley driver was taken to the hospital. I was a little dazed after. We were let off the train after about 15 minutes then we got on a bus and got back on the Green Line. The Red Line was fine on the way home. Dad, a former T driver himself, told me to sue. Rich was concerned but being in Rhode Island, he was concerned. I got home and opened the peanut butter jar. Grrrr, why I do this, probably because peanut butter is comforting. After two tablespoons, I put it away. I could not get out of bed this morning. I did not want to move. I got up and tried to see if the accident would be on the news. It was. Lunch was another comfort meal - tomato alphabet soup. I may have to break out the soup pan this weekend. I am craving soup. Any kind of soup.

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