Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scratch Scratch....

For the last 2 weeks at least, whenever I have itched (and it has been a lot), I bruise. I mean a deep purple huge bruise appears. I literally look like someone has beaten up my thighs, my legs and my lower stomach. It has me somewhat concerned. Yes, I was the clumsy girl growing up in Holbrook who had a lot of bruises but this has gotten ridiculous. I do a little itching and the next day I wake up looking like I fought a losing battle. Purple does not go well with pale skin. Finally, the nurse from the doctor's office finally called me back and I am going tomorrow at 11:20 am. The big computer program switch at work is not happening until mid-December so I am relieved. I did some sewing and won out threading a bobbin. Knitting is soothing. I like to sew but it is definitely not as soothing as knitting. Hopefully, I will be doing a lot of knitting and sewing soon.

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