Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rain, rain go away...

The past few days have been extremely busy in the dungeon at work. I have been stressed and overwhelmed. Anyone who walked by me must have been thinking about the frazzled looking red head. The Tedeschi's guy said I looked sad again. I met with the psychiatrist on Friday who kept me on the meds I am on, 20 mg Prozac and 150 mg 2x a day of Wellbutrin. He wanted to reduce my meds but I was like, no way. I am finally feeling better and I don't want to be one of the ones that starts to feel better then falls off the medicine band wagon. Once I get paid next week, I must go grocery shopping. I need to get CORE food to have with some healthy snacks. I feel much better when I eat healthy. I am trying to pay attention to myself for once. The last two nights I have gotten back into the Celestial Seasonings Christmas teas with honey. It relaxes me. Also, long talks with Rich have also relaxed me. Things are going well with Rich. I am really trying to be myself. We went and saw The Dark Knight on Friday night. He said it was cute that I jumped at a lot of the violent spots in the movie. I should see him tomorrow night after he gets off work. I am trying to be open and honest. I don't want to hide my past and pretend I am not depressed. He knows it is something I am working on and that it is there. It was my "secret" that I let out a few weeks ago. How does one approach being depressed in a new relationship? Granted, I have been feeling better but I have my moments. I have been a knitting fiend and I am so excited about my sewing classes this weekend and a new knitting sock club I joined. I may asked for a sewing machine this Christmas. I love being crafty!

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