Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Blahs

Weekends go by way to quickly. Of course, it does not help if I spent Saturday totally hungover from Friday night. My kickball team had a party and there was plenty of alcohol and I took full advantage of it. Rich even came out to meet the team members so it was a great time. I am not sure what got into me this weekend. Maybe it was the Patriot's loss or maybe the massive headache I had, but this morning I could not get out of bed. I just wanted to lay there under my warm comforter and never move. Boots was purring by my head. I did get myself up, somewhat late, to go to work. It is Mom's 60th birthday today. She had a bad day yesterday so hopefully, she will be somewhat happy today. I bought her a cupcake from Whole Foods, chocolate with flowers on it and a card. We will be taking her out to dinner also. The more I think about Mom, the sadder I get. It is hard to believe that Mom is 60 and still even harder to believe I will be 35 this year. Time certainly has flown by and sometimes I feel like it is leaving me behind.

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