Friday, September 26, 2008

End of Bad Week

Well, Dad finally has a car so I have my car (complete with new rear windshield) all the time now! I was feeling a little antsy and am happy that Dad finally has a car. I had my appointment this morning and I told her about my headaches, depression and generally bad week. We did not talk of cognitive therapy or anything like that but more about how overwhelmed I am/was and how I had a lot going on. I explained with the car back in my possession (yay - Dad had been using during the week for the 6 months or so even though I am still paying for it. I had it one or two days a week.) I am doing better. All I want is my old routine back. I want to go to the gym, knit, watch tv and not do something every night or be everything to everyone. It is impossible. I sort of want my old recluse life back with a little social activity thrown in for good measure. I am definitely a reserved introvert for sure. My MBTI score of ISFP is fitting I think. This weekend will be rainy. Hopefully there will be a lot of knitting involved.

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