Thursday, August 28, 2008

No go...

So the big day did not happen. It is postponed until next week. Gah! I should have known. Peanut M&Ms hit the spot a little while ago. I went to the local store to buy them and the cashier said, "You always look sad. Why?" I had just placed my precious peanut M&Ms down and was sort of blind sided by the question, while I shuffled change to find .99 cents. I don't think I look sad all time. I have been feeling better. Why does this comment bother me so much? Life has taken an upturn. I had a headache, not helped by the Peanut M&Ms, by the way. I said "I don't know" and wandered out. Really, what was I supposed to say? I could have given him the sob story and broken down right there in Tedeschi's but no, I don't know popped into my head. I go to that store often as it is in next to where I work. The thought gives me more of a headache. P.S. Mars, bring back the Tan M&Ms, thank you.

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