Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lemonade and cereal

I just got home from my knitting group or Stitch N' Bitch group. They are a great group of women. It is probably the highlight of my week. We knit, talk, laugh and get along. I have been going for three or four months and it has helped me get over that constant shadow. Having loner tendancies most of my life, sometimes getting out there is intimidating. Will I say something wrong? Will they like me? Laugh at me? I am not really shy, but more reserved. When the shadow is ever present, I am definately quieter and reluctant to speak up. These ladies have welcomed me in and it has improved my social life. I have bonded with them and they have accepted my quirky, sometimes fruit loop self into their midst. Knitting has really been a boon to social life. I have met a lot of nice people through knitting. I am also going to a craft get together on Friday and I am sort of excited. So now, after taking the T home, I sit eating my shredded wheat and milk. I journalled all of my food and met most of the 8 HGs. Yay! A good day 2.

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