Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another weekend gone...

This weekend went well. Saturday, I spent the day watching Burn Notice and knitting. I got a call from a friend after 9:30 asking if I wanted to go out. Having spent the better part of the day doing nothing, I was reluctant to leave the couch but I have not seen him in a while and he was in town for the long weekend, so I went to have a drink with him. I am proud of myself for getting off of the couch. Sometimes, it is so hard even. We went to a local Chinese restaurant's lounge and heard some cheesy 80's music. It was an interesting place. A mix of octgenarians and dancers, I was content watching from the back ground. He drove me home and we spent some time talking. He lives in Pennsylvannia and this relationship will probably never go anywhere but he is cool to talk to when I have been doing nothing happily all day. I am off to the Windy City for immersion training. Hopefully, it will be more then mind numbing classes. I will have coworkers with me so I will not be wandering about Chicago after work alone, which is why I am happy about this trip.

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